If there were no trees, would there still be enough oxygen for us to breathe?


Air is mostly made up of a gas called nitrogen. But about one-fifth of the air (21%) is oxygen – the gas our bodies use when we breathe.

All living things need oxygen in order to stay alive but plants, algae and a group of bacteria called cyanobacteria, can also make oxygen. These plants, algae and cyanobacteria make more oxygen than they use and the extra oxygen goes back into the air. So, the oxygen is sort-of recycled, rather than used up.

Plants like trees use their leaves to make oxygen. But what if there were no trees left on Earth – would there still be enough oxygen in the air for us to breathe?

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What you got?


Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and my 2-year-old is fascinated! She likes to explore her own body when she’s in the bath. Her favourite body part is nipples but she’s noticed that Mummy’s and Daddy’s bodies are different from hers and different from each other.

So, what are the main differences between male and female human bodies? And what changes happen to our bodies when we grow up? Let’s find out!

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How do we feel love?


Love is an emotion (or a strong feeling) that shows how much we like or enjoy someone or something. A person who feels love really, extremely, ever so much likes another person or an animal or a thing. For example, I love the people in my family and my cat and I also love singing!

Love is important because it keeps groups of people (like families) together and makes them want to look after each other.

But how do we feel it? What happens inside our bodies to make us feel love?

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Why do I have to wash my hands?

How many times a day do you wash your hands? I probably wash mine 100 times! That might seem like a lot but I wash them every time I go to the loo, after I feed or stroke the cat, before and during cooking, before I eat (and sometimes afterwards), after I stack dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and each time I clean up mess and spills around the house.

So why do I wash my hands so often? And why is hand-washing important?


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How do mermaids go to the loo?

My 6-year-old loves dressing up as a mermaid and is disappointed that she can’t become a mermaid when she grows up. But the thing she really wants to know is, how do mermaids wee and poo?


The trouble is, mermaids are imaginary creatures so there aren’t any real ones that we can study. But if we believe that mermaids are like humans with a fishy tail instead of legs, perhaps we can make a prediction about how they might go to the loo?

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