How is my tongue joined on?


My 4yo has recently figured out how to roll her tongue into a tube-shape. She’s delighted with this new skill but now wants to know all about how her tongue works. So for delight and enjoyment, here’s a set of interesting facts and figures about tongues!

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What are nails?


My 8-year-old bites her fingernails. (She used to bite her toenails too – but we’ve just about trained her out of that yucky habit!) She wants to know what nails are made of and what they are for. So let’s find out more about these parts of the body – and why you probably shouldn’t bite them…!

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How does my arm know how hard to throw the ball?


Throwing and catching are skills that many of us learn when we are children. They are tricky skills to learn and getting them right takes lots of practise but once we’ve got the hang of them, we can use them for playing games and sports and for passing things to people who are not standing near to us.

My friend’s daughter wants to know what happens inside her body when she throws a ball. How does her body know what to do and how hard to throw the ball?

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Where do chicken pox come from?


Chicken pox has been doing the rounds at my 3-year-old’s kindergarten over the past few weeks. It’s a common illness and many people get it when they are children. My 3-year-old caught it from her best friend and wasn’t very pleased about it.¬†She felt very poorly for a few days and didn’t like her itchy spots. She looked at me with a sad face and asked, where do chicken pox come from?

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Are bogeys good for you?


Bogeys or boogers are the bits of dried-up snot you find inside your nose. I get them, you get them, everybody gets them. You can get bogeys out by blowing your nose but my kids like to pick them out with their fingers and eat them – yuck!

But have you ever wondered what are bogeys for? Why do our bodies make them? What are they made of? And could eating bogeys actually be good for you?

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