Why don’t grown-ups cry?


Crying is an emotional response and a way of communicating how we are feeling. Crying is usually a signal that something is wrong. People cry when they are hurt or in pain or when they feel sad, frustrated or angry. But sometimes, people cry when they feel very happy!

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Why are there no real unicorns?


My 5-year-old wants to know why there are no unicorns in the world. Unicorns are her favourite imaginary creatures and she would very much like to have one as a pet!

I wondered whether there are any animals with one horn? Well, the narwhal is a small arctic whale with one long, spirally-twisted tusk. And there are some creatures with the word ‘unicorn’ in their name, like the unicorn fish and the unicorn beetle.

But these are not the right kind of unicorn – my daughter wants a horse-like creature with a long, tapering horn coming out of its forehead and large, feathered wings.

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