Why is there so much water in the sea?

CornwallAugust 21

My parents live near the sea and my daughters love going to visit Granny and Grandad, especially when they get to spend an afternoon on the beach hunting for crabs and fish in the rockpools.

The sea is a fascinating natural beauty but how was it formed? Where did all the water come from? How heavy is it? And how can you hear the sea in a shell?

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Why do monkeys still exist?

“If humans evolved from monkeys, why do they still exist?” asked one of the children at my daughter’s school. It’s a great question about the theory of evolution and how there came to be so many different types of creatures on Earth.

monkey children

There are many different forms of life on Earth – from bacteria and fungi, to plants and animals.

Evolution is a theory that explains how there came to be so many different types of living thing on Earth. It describes the gradual changes that happen when creatures reproduce in combination with changes to the places in which they live.

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