Do cats dream?

Simba Asleep

Cats sleep a lot! Our cat likes to find a cosy, warm spot on a blanket or cushion in one of the bedrooms to snooze whilst we’re at work and school. Sometimes, when he’s sleeping, he snores and makes funny squeaking noises, and his paws and whiskers twitch and move. So my girls think he might be dreaming.

But can cats dream? And, if so, what do they dream about?

Cats are good sleepers – they sleep for about 13-14 hours a day and are usually more active in the night-time than during the day. Cats can seem to fall asleep quickly after being quite active and they use their sleeping time to rest and build up their energy again. But cats often sleep in short bursts, taking naps, rather than having a long period of sleep all in one go.

Sleep is an important part of staying healthy – for cats and for humans. In my answer to why do I have to go to bed? I explained that sleep is a normal part of life. Sleep helps us to have good concentration when we’re awake, to be able to fight off diseases, and to have good mood. People who don’t get enough sleep can become grumpy, irritable and clumsy. And long periods of not sleeping can make people extremely sad.

Dreams are a sort of imagination thing that can happen when we are asleep. Sometimes, a dream can feel very realistic or remind you of something that actually happened to you during the daytime. And if you have been worrying about something, you might dream about it when you go to sleep – as if your brain is trying to work out what you should do. Some dreams are happy and feel good but some can be strange or feel scary. Dreams don’t always make sense and many of us don’t remember our dreams when we wake up.

Some vets think that cats dream just like we do – and that they probably dream about things that have happened to them during the day. So when my cat’s paws and whiskers are twitching, he’s probably dreaming about chasing leaves or playing with his ribbon toy.

And, if you’re interested in learning more about cats, here are some fun cat facts for you to enjoy!


One thought on “Do cats dream?

  1. Feral cats' videos January 13, 2020 / 8:45 am

    Love this post, especially the part about knowing your cat is chasing leaves or playing by the twitching of the paws and whiskers.

    I recently published an article that tackles this subject in a different way, the difference between the dreams of a house cat who’s not allowed outside and a cat that goes out, the way feline dreams are different than humans, and the way they’re influenced by their personality.

    Here’s the article

    If you happen to read it, you can tell me your thoughts and suggestions. I’ll also be glad if you could share it with your audiences. 🙂

    Thank you in advance.
    All the best.

    I’m sharing this article on facebook.


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