Why am I furry?

monkey children

My 3-year-old has got a bit of a suntan this Summer. The sunshine has made the hairs on her arms and legs turn white-blonde and they are more noticeable now that her skin has a more golden colour. She wants to know why she is furry and what are body hairs for?

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Where is the edge of the world?

CornwallAugust 21

My 3-year-old has been wondering where the cliff is – the one at the edge of the world. And she wants to know, if someone fell off it would they go floating out into Space…?

She’s not the first person to ask this question. People throughout history have wondered where the edge of the world might be and what would happen if you went there. Lots of explorers and scientists set out to measure the size and shape of the Earth and watched the stars and the Moon, and here’s what they discovered about the planet we call home…

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