Is it a bee?

Only day of summer-14

It’s summer time here in the UK and the weather has been getting warmer and sunnier. There are lots of insects buzzing around the garden and some of them have even flown into the house. My 2-year-old thinks they are all bees but most of them are actually flies. But there are lots of different species of yellow and black stripy buzzing things around at this time of year, so how can you tell them apart?

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Why do cats bury their poo?


Our cat, Fishfingers, goes outside several times a day so that he can wee and poo in the garden. When we first got him, we put a litter tray (a plastic tray filled with bits of clay or sawdust that he could use as a toilet) inside the house, just in case he needed to use it. My 6-year-old noticed that if Fishfingers did use the litter tray, he would then spend ages afterwards trying to cover up his wee/poo with the clay or sawdust.

But why does Fishfingers try to cover up his wee/poo? Let’s find out about cat behaviour to work out the answer:

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How long would it take a cheetah to run around the world?


Cheetahs are big cats that live in Africa, Asia, India and the Middle East. They can run super-fast to catch their prey when they are hunting for food. But running at top-speed is very tiring, so cheetahs only do it for short periods of time.

My 6-year-old wondered, what if a cheetah could run at its top-speed without getting tired…? How long would it take the cat to run all the way around the world?

Let’s do the maths and find out!

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How do mermaids go to the loo?

My 6-year-old loves dressing up as a mermaid and is disappointed that she can’t become a mermaid when she grows up. But the thing she really wants to know is, how do mermaids wee and poo?


The trouble is, mermaids are imaginary creatures so there aren’t any real ones that we can study. But if we believe that mermaids are like humans with a fishy tail instead of legs, perhaps we can make a prediction about how they might go to the loo?

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