What’s vaccination?

Fishfingers cat

We recently rehomed a stray cat from a local animal rescue centre. His name is Fishfingers and he is super-cute (as you can see in the photo above)! One of the first things we’ve had to do is take him to the vet for some vaccinations. My 6-year-old was worried about him: would the cat would be okay? “What is vaccination?” she wanted to know “And why does he have to have it?”

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Are snails amazing?

‘Are snails amazing?’ was a rainy day, walking to school question. As I explained in an earlier post, we often see slugs and snails on rainy days because they like cool and damp outdoor places.


I’ve always thought of snails as being a bit of a garden pest – eating my plants and leaving silvery trails all over the path! But are there any amazing things can snails do? Let’s find out: here are ten super snail facts…

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How does a seed know what to grow into?

Seeds come in different shapes and sizes but how do they know what kind of plant to grow into? The answer to this fantastic question about plants actually tells us about how all life on Earth works.


Inside all living creatures there is information that tells their bodies how to grow, develop and work. But what is this information and how does it create life?

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