What’s endangered?


I walk past this little panda graffito on my walk to and from work. It always makes me smile and reminds me of a question my 6-year-old asked when she was learning about rainforests at school: what does endangered mean?

The word ‘endangered’ means threatened with danger but we often use it when we are talking about plants and animals that are at risk of becoming extinct. Like pandas…

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How can we speak?


I speak every day – to my family and friends, to the people I work with and to other people that I meet. Sometimes I use my voice to sing or hum or whisper or shout! My daughters and husband use their voices too; even Fishfingers the cat purrs and meows. As you might imagine, our house can become rather noisy!

Speaking is one of the ways that humans communicate with each other. But how do we do it? What happens inside our bodies to make sounds that other people can understand?

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Why is there no air on the Moon?

I was asked two questions a few weeks ago and I’ve been pondering the answers ever since: Why is there no air on the Moon? And how does our air stay on Earth?

Moon Day 12
Moon Day 12

These fantastic questions got me thinking about my answers to What is air made of? and Why are there no trees on the Moon?. But neither of those quite answered these new questions. So, after much deliberation, here’s my answer!

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