Could there ever be a human head transplant?


My friend’s, 10-year-old wants to know if it could ever be possible to take the head from one person and attach it to the body of another. Now, whilst you might think that this is just the stuff of futuristic science fiction or a ghoulish Hallowe’en movie, there is a scientist who believes that a human head transplant might just work! Let’s find out more…

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Where does static come from?

My friend asked this question about ‘static’ when she was having a bad hair day. Static electricity causes lightning, makes a crackly noise when you take off a polyester jumper, and can make your hair stand on end. But where does static come from?


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How are jellyfish born?

Jellyfish are weird, jelly-like animals with lots of tentacles but no brain or bones or heart or blood! Look at this compass jellyfish my nephews found when they were exploring the rockpools at the beach in Falmouth during the Summer holidays:


So, when I was asked a question about how jellyfish reproduce (make babies) and how they die, I just had to find out the answers…

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