What do sea animals drink?


All living things need water – it is needed for lots of important things that help to keep plants, animals, fungi and bacteria alive. Where my family lives, we are lucky to have clean water to drink from the taps in our house and at the places we go to school and work. But some people and animals have to travel long distances to find water that is safe to drink.

My children were drinking water with their lunch: “What do sea creatures drink?” asked my 5-year-old. “Whales eat krill but they spit all the water out. So what do they drink?”

My 9-year-old suggested that perhaps sea creatures don’t need to drink because their food is already wet. “Maybe the krill is moist enough?” she wondered.

It got us thinking about why water is so important for life and how living creatures get the water they need.

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How does a toilet flush?


Some people feel embarrassed to talk about going to the toilet but all animals, including humans, wee and poo – it’s a very normal and natural part of being a living creature. Our cat, FishFingers, buries his poos and wees in the garden, whilst the humans in our family do their ‘business’ in the toilet and flush it away.

But have you ever wondered how a toilet works? Where does the water come from to flush the wee and poo away? And where does it all go?

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Why do clothes get creased?


My 7-year-old said she’d like some unicorn bunting to decorate her bedroom. We found some instructions online, bought some fabric and got out the sewing machine. But the cotton fabric we had bought was creased and folded. We had to make it all flat and smooth before we could draw on triangle shapes for the flags and cut them out.

So, why does fabric get creased? And why does pressing it with a hot iron make the creases go away? The answer is all to do with chemistry, so let’s find out more…

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Will it snow?


My daughter was hoping for a white Christmas but, given that we live in the warm, south-western corner of England, the chances of snow each winter are small and the likelihood of snow on Christmas Day is even lower. And even though we’ve had days when it’s been cold enough for ice to form on the car windscreen, I don’t think we’ve seen any snowfall for a year or two. So, what has to happen for it to snow?

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