Can cats burp?

Fishfingers cat

Burping (or, as some people call it, belching) is a normal part of being a human being. Everybody does it. That’s because when we eat and drink (especially if we’re talking at the same time!) some of the air that we breathe gets swallowed down to our stomachs. And then, that air has to find its way back out of our bodies. It either gets pushed back up to our mouths and comes out as a burp, or it gets pushed down to our bottoms and comes out as a fart.

But my girls want to know if humans are the only animals that burp. What about cats and dogs – can they burp too?

I’m pretty sure that my cat, Fishfingers, (the cute ginger moggy in the photo above) burps sometimes – especially if he’s eaten his dinner too quickly. But some vets don’t think it’s possible for cats to burp, so maybe Fishfingers is hiccuping instead? And what I think is a cat-burp could perhaps be a sign that my cat is feeling poorly. So, if he burps a lot, I should probably take him to the vet to get some advice.

But there are some animals that do burp – like cows, dogs and sheep! Cows burp because of the way their bodies digest the food they eat. And if a cow isn’t able to burp, it can get really, really poorly or even die.

If you’re interested to read more, here are 12 fun facts about burping! You might also like to read my blogpost about farts.

And, finally, some people consider burping and farting to be quite rude, so if you happen to let out some gas when you’re with other people, you probably ought to say “Excuse me!” (especially if it’s a bit smelly!).


One thought on “Can cats burp?

  1. Bad Botanist October 13, 2018 / 4:27 pm

    Of course they do! Our last cat did whole-body burps. They would start around her hips and ripple up to her head. Inevitable consequence of eating like a feline hoover. We still speak in awe of the Disappearing Gammon Rind Incident in which a 6-inch rind disappeared from a plate in complete silence and the main suspect had no teeth.


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