What you got?


Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and my 2-year-old is fascinated! She likes to explore her own body when she’s in the bath. Her favourite body part is nipples but she’s noticed that Mummy’s and Daddy’s bodies are different from hers and different from each other.

So, what are the main differences between male and female human bodies? And what changes happen to our bodies when we grow up? Let’s find out!

There are lots of things about our bodies that are the same. For example, everyone has a head and a heart and a brain and blood and veins. But we don’t all look exactly the same and there are some differences in the body parts that males (boys and men) and females (girls and women) usually have.

In our family, there are three females and one male. Two of us are adults, two are children. We all have blue/grey eyes but our hair colour is different. And my younger daughter has started to notice some other differences: Daddy is hairier than the rest of us and has a ‘willy’ that he uses when he goes to the loo; Mummy has ‘boobies’ but the girls and their Dad just have nipples. (She doesn’t believe me that the cat has nipples, too, but that’s for discussion in another post…)

So, let’s explore some of these differences:

Girl parts

Girls and women have some special body parts between their legs. This area of her body is known as the ‘vulva’. Towards the front, is a part called the ‘urethra’, which is the hole from which wee comes out. Towards the bottom is another hole called the ‘anus’, from which poo comes out. And in between the urethra and the anus is an opening to the ‘vagina’, which is the hole from which a baby comes out when a woman becomes a mummy. These parts are all normally covered up by underwear.

There are also some special parts inside girls’ and women’s bodies that you can’t see from the outside. But you can see a drawing of them here.

Boy parts

Boys and men also have some special body parts that they keep inside their underwear. They have an anus near their bottoms, for doing poo. They also have a urethra but it is found on their penis (or ‘willy’) which hangs on the front of their body between their legs. Boys and men also have a scrotum – a soft bag-like part which has two ‘testicles’ inside – which hangs down just behind the penis.

There are also special inside parts inside boys’ and men’s bodies and you can see a drawing of them here.

Growing up

When boys and girls grow up and become men and women, their bodies change. Not only do they get taller but some other changes happen, too. Girls grow breasts (or ‘boobies’) on their chests and grow hair under their arms and around their vulvas. Boys get hairy on their faces and chests and under their arms, their voices sound deeper and their penis and scrotum get bigger.

These changes are controlled by chemicals inside our bodies, called ‘hormones‘, which get our bodies ready for being a grown up (or ‘adult’). This time of change in our lives is called ‘puberty‘.

What you got?

So, if you want to find out more about the body parts that you have (the inside ones and the outside ones) why not check out this website, which has lots of information about the human body.

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