How do you make bubbles?


At bathtime, I heard a lot of giggling and splashing and, when I opened the bathroom door, I found my daughter in the middle of the biggest, bubbliest mountain of bubbles imagina-bubble! She said she was “doing science”, making lots and lots and lots of bubbles in the bath…

Bubbles appeal to kids of all ages and they are super easy to make – all you have to do is trap some air inside a thin film of soap.

The bath is a great place to make bubbles but you could also use the sink, a bucket or a washing up bowl. Simply squirt a small amount of bubble bath or washing up liquid into some warm water. Then use your hands to swoosh it around and little bubbles will form on the surface of the water. The faster you swoosh, the more bubbles you’ll make!

The larger bubbles that you can blow using shop-bought bubble mixture don’t last very long: they float delicately in the air for a few seconds, then pop when they touch or land on something. But if you add a little bit of glycerin to the bubble mix, you can make the soap film a bit stronger and then the bubbles won’t pop quite so easily. If you’re gentle and careful, you might be able to catch one to take a closer look.

Bubbles are ball-shaped (spherical). They don’t have a colour but sometimes you can see the different colours of the rainbow on their surface because of the way that light is bent by the soap and water.

Check out this post about bubble chemistry and maybe try some bubble experiments!

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