Why do we fart?


Fart, guff, toot, trump, pass wind or cut the cheese – whatever you call it, everybody does it. Even the Queen… (although she probably saves hers up to do in private)! So my 6-year-old wants to know what are farts and why do we do them?

When you eat and drink, you swallow small amounts of air and some of the foods you eat (like cabbage, eggs and baked beans) release gases when they are digested (broken down) in your digestive system. This is all perfectly normal but the result is a build-up of gases inside you and there’s only one thing for your body to do – let those gases out!

Farting (or as doctors say ‘flatulence‘) is the process of pushing gas out of your bumhole. On average, a person will fart between 5 and 15 times every day. Some farts smell but their smelliness depends on what you’ve eaten, in the same way that your poo will change according to your diet. And some farts make a noise as they come out – a bit like when you let the air out of a balloon.

For more facts about farts, watch this video!

On a more serious note, though, some diseases can cause flatulence and for people who have those illnesses, it can be very embarrassing. If you are ever worried about your farts or you get tummy pain or have trouble going to the toilet, then you should go to see your doctor.

I’ll finish this post with a fun fact: humans aren’t the only animals that fart! Here’s a top-10 list of farting animals. Can you guess which creature is at number one?!

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