Why do slugs like the rain?


We love to put our wellies on and go out walking when it has been raining, so that we can splash in the puddles! When we’re out and about we often find lots of slugs and snails, so my 6-year-old asked why they like to come out on rainy days.

Slugs and snails are ‘molluscs’ and they have soft, squishy bodies. Some slugs and snails live in water but the ones that live on land like cool, damp outdoor places. They are easy to find in the garden and they eat plants, which is why gardeners don’t like them very much!

Slugs and snails produce mucus (a slimy goo) that helps to protect their bodies. Mucus helps them to slide around and it stops their bodies from drying out. You might have noticed that they leave a shiny, silvery trail behind them as they crawl along – well, that’s a dried-up mucus trail!

Slugs and snails don’t like hot sunny weather because it can dry their bodies out. So, they prefer to come out at night, or when it is damp. Although, you probably won’t see them when it is raining hard – they prefer to wait until the rain has stopped.

Whilst you might think that slugs and snails are a bit yucky, they are fascinating creatures. Here are some really cool facts about slugs and snails!

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