How tall is the highest mountain?


My 5-year-old loves to quantify things and make numerical comparisons. She wanted to know how tall is the highest mountain, but not in a standard unit of measurement. Oh, no – she wanted to know how many times taller is it than her 1-year-old sister?

So, we measured her sister’s height: 0.82 metres.

Then, we looked for information about mountains: The highest mountains on Earth are in Asia and Mount Everest is the tallest. Mount Everest is in a range of mountains called the Himalayas and its ‘peak’ (or highest point) is an incredible 8,848 metres above sea level!

So, to do the maths, I simply divided the height of Mount Everest by the height of my younger daughter:

8,848 / 0.82 = 10,790

So, my 5-year-old found out that Mount Everest is more than ten thousand times taller than her little sister. Just imagine what a tower of 10,790 toddlers would look like!

Can you work out how tall Mount Everest is in units of you?

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